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Shipping information


We currently ship all of our shipments using regular mail as we had feedback that our shipping cost was too high using a tracked and signed service. ALL U.S.A. SHIPPING IS NOW SENT USING A TRACKED SERVICE. Over 99% of all our shipments have made it to their location, and most of the last 1% have been found by checking the local post office if it had not made it to the destinations front door. That being said, if you want a tracked and signed service, send an email to us before ordering and we will send you a paypal invoice that reflects the cost of this type of shipping (the cost is usually about 1/3 more than regular shipping). If you fall into the very small batch of humans that have had a problem with regular mail, we will come to a solution that is fair and works well for both of us that ends up with you having vinyl in your hands.


If your order consists of more than one item, and one of the items has been bought as a pre-sale, your full order will only ship when the pre-sale item is ready to ship. If you'd like to make an alternate arrangement, just send us an e-mail.


If your county is not on our shipping list, just hit us up with an e-mail. To order a second copy to most of these countries on our list is an additional 1£ on top of the regular rate to your country.  All shipping rates on this site are for shipments being sent from the U.K. From time to time we will be in America and MAY be able to ship to you from there directly which will bring down the shipping cost. Send us an e-mail to enquire about this.