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Technics Ultra Pitch And MIDI Mod Kit by DJ Backtrack

DJ Backtrack from Sweden is an integral part of the global scratch community. As an advanced modder and creative artist his work can be found in the many corners of turntablism which include the creation of 12” CSMV002 -Backtrack and The SKRATCHLORDS- “CSM Skipless Record Volume 1”, and more recently his ultra pitch and MIDI mod kit for the Technics 1200 turntable that’s been designed based upon important advances made by Kevin from KAB USA.

How does the ultra pitch work?

This mod kit enables the possibility of three extra ranges, ±16% ,±25% and ±50% and the original ±8. Different ranges can be assigned via firmware updates or be updated by the user if wanted. This mod includes a USB connector for this purpose.

How does controlling the platter by MIDI work?

The platter speed can be controlled via a 5 pin MIDI in port with a range of two full octaves. Using the 33 and 45 RPM buttons you can navigate through the menu system with the help of a full RGB pitch LED that is included in the mod kit.

This mod kit includes a new pitch LED-PCB, the main mod board and wire harness. You will need to replace 3 capacitors (also included) and cut one trace on the Technics main board.

Important note. This mod has been tried and tested on SL-12xx mk2, mk5 and m3d. (Does not work with MK5G)
That being said, the installation is done at your own risk. Installing this mod kit following the clear and precise instructions by DJ Backtrack, or installed by a qualified electronics repair shop will bring the desired results. Some comfort soldering is absolutely recommended. For all support and questions regarding the mod please contact Backtrack directly at www.djbacktrack.com. On the site you will find installation instructions, videos explaining the mod and firmware updates. Read the installation instructions to make sure you are comfortable installing it before ordering. All mods are shipped with firmware version R305.

more info and detailed calibration instructions at www.djbacktrack.com