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Cut & Paste Records IN STOCK bundle (20 discs)


Cut & Paste Records IN STOCK bundle!

In an effort to get excellent records onto your turntable we are offering the full current C&P catalogue of IN STOCK titles at a 33% discount bought as a bundle. Bought individually these records would cost £264.00, you can scoop the bundle at £176.00 once the 33% discount is applied.

Shipping rates are estimates (but they SHOULD be accurate) as it's a bit hectic with the brexit/pandemic combo, if it's cheaper than estimated to ship your bundle with tracking we'll send you a refund, and in the event it's more money to ship your bundle we'll be in touch with you before it's off to collect the missing funds.

Each bundle purchase also receives a C&P bonus test press.

What you get in your crate of DOPE:

1 x 12" CNP001 "Cadence with Rhythm and Flow"
1 x 12" CNP005 "Zarecord"
1 x 7" CNP006 "Just Stay Funky Like Za"
1 x 12" CNP007 "Egg Ship Me Please"
1 x 12" CNP008 "The Alchemy Files"
1 x 7" CNP010 "7 Steps Of Alchemy"
1 x 7" CNP011 "Improvise Wisely"
1 x 12" CNP012 "Zarecord 2"
1 x 12" CNP015 "Path Of Least Resistance"
1 x 7" CNP016 "Zarecord 2 (7 inch)"
1 x 12" CNP018 "Try To Step"
1 x 7" CNP019 "Path Of Least Resistance (7 inch)"
1 x 12" CNP021 "Phonosophy"
1 x 7" CNP022 "House Rules"
1 x 12" CNP023 "Endless"
1 x 12" CNP024 "Zarecord 3"
1 x 7" CNP025 "Telemetry (7 inch)"
1 x 12" CNP026 "Disintegration"
1 x 12" CNP027 "Dope On Plastic 5"
1 x C&P bonus test press