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7" WW7006 "DJ Woody - Disc Jock"

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7" WW7006 "DJ Woody - Disc Jock"

‘Disc Jock’ by DJ Woody is the follow up to the highly popular ‘Porta Bill’ 7”. Taking the ‘Scratch Nerd’ vs ‘Disc Jock’ theme, both Jocks and Nerds trade humorous scratch-tastic insults providing a 7” jam packed with dope scratch phrases for your portablist sessions or battles!

‘Disc Jock’ uses the same handy format as ‘Porta Bill’, each side featuring 6 skip-proof phrases plus full scratch sentence with Side A at 100 bpm and Side B at 83.3 bpm.

Pressed on translucent magenta vinyl, Dusty Pixels again provides the awesome GPK inspired front cover illustration with Woody illustrating the back. In-keeping with the collectors card format, as with ‘Porta Bill’ this record not only comes complete with it’s own super limited trading card sticker but also a ltd Woodwurk logo vinyl sticker!

• Translucent magenta vinyl

• Comes with ‘Disc Jock’ trading card and Woodwurk vinyl sticker

• Produced by World Champion turntablist DJ Woody

• 12 unique skip-proof scratch phrases plus 2 longer sentences

• Perfect go-to record for any portablist jam or battle

• Side A programmed at 100 bpm, side B programmed at 83.3bpm

• GPK parody artwork by Dusty Pixels and DJ Woody