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12" Vinyl - General Jihad & Prime Minister P-Nutz LP


12" Vinyl - General Jihad & Prime Minister P-Nutz LP

-Words by General Jihad

In December of 2019 I approached my long time friend DJ P-Nutz after hearing a few of her great instrumental LPs and asked her if she would like to collaborate. Back in 2008 she had supported the release of my LP The Richard Dastardly Identity and I always appreciated that. I thought she would just let me lace a few of her previously released tracks but instead by February she handed me 10 brand spanking new tracks. Things were moving quickly. Over the subsequent months I wrote and recorded my vocals. At that point the album was sounding great but we had bare choruses so I wanted to bring in some scratch hook muscle. I reached out to DJs Symatic and Waxsmith and they delivered the goods big time!!!! The final stage was P mixing mastering and doing the cover art and here we are! Please enjoy this LP I put together with some super talented collaborators.


Released December 4, 2020

Music Production, Mixing and Mastering by DJ P-Nutz
Lyrics written and performed by Jihad the Roughneck MC
Cuts on tracks by Symatic. 4,9,6 & 10 by Waxsmith: 2,3,5,7,8